We have the vision to offer erectile dysfunction medicine at reasonable and fair prices to end consumers in Europe. We believe in doing business ethically - Fairness & Honesty towards our customers are our core values.

Our mission is to provide European customers with affordable ED products while offering high quality and reliable customer service. We believe that the prices of ED medicine in official pharmacies are disproportionately high and that the end consumer gets ripped off.

For an average person with a serious ED problem it is not feasible to pay 10€ per tablet on a daily basis. The Euromeds team commited themselves to tackle this issue by providing affordable ED medicine that is produced in India.

We are only offering Generic ED medicine that is produced under high quality standards controlled by the World Health Organization (WHO) in India. The quality of the medicine can be therefore considered equal to the quality of the products sold in European pharmacies.

We sell 4 types of medicine, namely: Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil and Dapoxetine. All of these products are manufactured by reputable Indian pharma companies such as Ajanta Pharma, Vega Pharma Limited or Centurion Laboraties.


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''In Pills we trust' - Dr. med. Diggler

Erectile Dysfunction usually occurs due to physical reasons. However, it quickly develops a psychologial aspect (anxiety) that can multiply the severity of the ED. Once this state has been reached it is hard to overcome Erectile Dysfunction without the use of medicine.

– Dr. med. Dirk Diggler –

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Get to know our team of professional experts.
Doctor Team - Dr. med. Dirk Diggler

Dr. med. Dirk Diggler

CEO, Advising Doctor
Dr. med. Dirk Diggler is an authorized doctor specialized in treating erectile dysfunction in men. In 1999 he completed his medical studies at the University of Berlin and then worked in the Department for Urology at the Alta Klinik Charlottenburg. In 2001 Dr. Diggler received his doctorate and since 2003 he is teaching at the University of Berlin. In 2009 he was awarded the title of nutritional physician. In addition, Dr. Diggler has been involved with multiple research projects and books, including more than 30 peer-reviewed articles.
Doctor Team Dr. med. Natalia Vaginavic

Dr. med. Natalia Vaginavich

Advising Doctor, ED expert
Dr. med. Natalia Vaginavich is an expert for Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation. From 2006 to 2013 she studied medicine at the Moscow Medical Academy and the Uni Heidelberg (Medizinische Fakultät Mannheim). In 2016 she completed her specialist training in urology which gives her up-to-date expertise about ED and PE. Before joining Euromeds, Natalia Vaginavich worked on multiple clinical research projects on sexual dysfunctions and sexual diseases at the Martini Klinik for Urology, Hamburg.

Stefan Ritzenpflücker

Product Tester, Product Research
Stefan is known to have used any type of ED medicine ever manufactured. Even though no educational diploma is backing up his knowledge, he is considered one of the world leading experts when it comes to ED product testing and development.  Always up to date and researching for new trends & developments makes Stefan a vital asset of our team. His practical experience with Erectile Dysfunction medicine complements the educational and theoretical point of view provided by our Doctor team.
Doctor Team Dr Jean Le Forte

Dr. Jean Le Forte

Urologist, PsyD, co-founder
Dr. Jean Le Forte studied at University College Paris (UCP), where he graduated in 2012. After his diploma he practised at various hospitals in Germany, including five years at the Urology Hospital Munich-Planegg. Dr. Jean Le Forte area of expertise is urology with specialization in the field of Premature Ejaculation. Next to his activity at Euromeds he currently practices as an online physician and publishes medical articles related to diabetes, hypertension and general health in peer reviewed online journals.